The Kings Family Restaurants “All Star” Honor can be awarded to any Kings team member, whether this person has worked at Kings one week or worked at Kings for 40 years.

Our Kings “All Star” for June 2016 is Nancy from our Sierra N. Plaza location!

Kings June 2016 All Star

Nancy is a prep cook at Sierra N. Plaza who has been employed at Kings since 2009, only ever missing two days of work for family emergencies. Snow, rain or hail cannot keep Nancy from coming to work.

Over the years, she has been complimented numerous times by our Director of Food & Hospitality, Tony (as well as many other Kings management) on her food preparation, quality and presentation of her food.

Nancy is very dedicated not only to her job but to her family. She has been married for 36 years to her husband Dion, and has three children, all out of state. She is expecting her second grandchild in July!

Over the last two years, her days off have been spent taking care of her brother, who lost his legs, going with him to doctor appointments and hospital visits.

She is currently looking forward to vacation time visiting her children in Florida and Tennessee.

Thank you, Nancy! For your dedicated, your commitment and your hard work. Thanks for going above and beyond every day. A job well done!

Congratulations Nancy, our Kings “All Star” of the month!

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