The Kings Family Restaurants “All Star” Honor can be awarded to any Kings team member, whether this person has worked at Kings one week or worked at Kings for 40 years.

The Kings “All Star” embodies the Kings “Life. Eat it Up!” attitude day in and day out. With the special approach they bring with them every day, they have a way of not only making the Kings guests smile but also making the other Kings team members smile just by being in their presence.

The Kings “All Stars” are tops in their profession, the ones that can always be counted, the ones you want to be with in the trenches and the ones you want to be with when celebrating successes.

December 2015 Kings All Star

The first Kings “All Star” Kings would like to honor is Janet. For the past 36 years Janet has displayed all the traits that make certain Kings team members so special. Janet has built a career out of treating her co-workers and guests like family. Janet treats everyone the same; with respect, and a warm smile.

Overtime Janet has developed bonds and relationships with the Kings guests that are sure to last a lifetime. Janet has touched many lives at Kings, both internally and externally.

If you can’t find Janet, no worries, just listen for her boisterous, contagious laugh. No doubt Janet is in the near vicinity making someone else feel very special.

December 2015 Kings All Star

All of Janet’s amazing traits (traits that come so naturally to Janet) combined with her incredible and respectable work ethic is why Kings is celebrating Janet and why Janet has been chosen for the December 2015 Kings “All Star”.

Kings is forever grateful to you – Janet. You are what makes Kings – Kings.

Kings. Pittsburgh’s Family Restaurants. Life, Eat It Up!™

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  1. Cheyenne
    Cheyenne says:

    I worked at kings in my teenage years as a job during high school, Janet not only touched my life then but continues to! She is the reason I still come a couple times a month for breakfast. She still knows what I order and what I drink. She knows how to make anyone smile. Her smile and laugh is contagious and I just love her! I will forever be one of her “regulars.”

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