The Kings Family Restaurants “All Star” Honor can be awarded to any Kings team member, whether this person has worked at Kings one week or worked at Kings for 40 years.

Our Kings “All Star” for April 2016 is Darlene from our New Kensington location!

Kings April 2016 All Star

One thing has stayed consistent through the years at Kings New Kensington. Once you enter the building, you will be greeted by Darlene’s enthusiastic welcome to Kings and warm smile.

You can find Darlene in the front section of the restaurant, where she sets up shop. Yes, she has her regular guests; she has built quite a clientele over the years. If this happens to be your first time in Darlene’s section, it won’t be long until she puts a smile on your face and knows your name.

She is one of those special servers that leave an impression on you after you eat and leave the building. We challenge anyone to sit in Darlene’s section and not leave with a smile on your face! She has all the traits that not only make a great server but also make a very special person. Energetic, personable, attentive, friendly, genuine and always positive — we can go on forever.

For years, Darlene has been taking care of her guests with great service and taking care of her coworkers with her baked goodies. Anyone that has met or worked with her agrees that she is well deserving of our Kings “All Star” honor.

Thank you Darlene, our Kings “All Star” of the month!

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