Kings Restaurant

Monday Lunch Special


Cobb Salad (small)*

A crisp blend of leafy greens, topped with grilled, marinated chicken breast plus bacon, tomatoes, egg wedges and shredded cheddar cheese. Available in Large & Small Portions

Tuesday Lunch Special


Turkey Rachel Sliders

We load our pretzel roll up with plenty of fresh sliced Butterball turkey breast, thousand island dressing, crisp cole slaw and Swiss cheese for a delicious twist on a classic taste served with fries.

Wednesday Lunch Special


Grilled Reuben and Fries

Freshly sliced corned beef, cheese, sauerkraut and a splash of Thousand Island dressing on grilled marbled rye bread. Served with fries.

Thursday Lunch Special


Classic King Burger

A juicy Black Angus USDA Choice burger. Plain and simple. Grilled the way you like it.

Friday Lunch Special


Fish Sandwich, Slaw & side

A large catch of delicately breaded whitefish in a crusty grilled hoagie roll with tartar sauce and lemon on the side. Serve with slaw and one Great Addition.

Saturday Lunch Special


Double Cheeseburger with Fries

Double burger. Double Cheese. Double Delicious. Served with fries.

Sunday Lunch Special


Oven Roasted Turkey

It's a year-round Thanksgiving celebration – we even include the stuffing and cranberries!

Monday Dinner Special


Chopped Sirloin

Comfort food at its best. Eight ounces of lean Angus sirloin covered with fresh, savory beef gravy. Take your pick of two Great Additions to complete this delicious meal.

Tuesday Dinner Special


Chicken Parmigiana

We start with a hand-breaded chicken breast, smother it in mozzarella and marinara sauce, and serve it all over pasta. Add one Great Addition to compliment this taste of Italy.

Wednesday Dinner Special


Meatloaf Dinner

Nothing more need be said. Two thick and hearty slices of homemade meatloaf make for a meal like mom used to make. Served with two Great Additions.

Thursday Dinner Special


Country Fried Steak Dinner

Delicately breaded steak, expertly fried and topped with your choice of hearty beef or sausage gravy. Served with two Great Additions.

Friday Dinner Special


Chesapeake Style White Fish Dinner

North Atlantic white fish fillet, deliciously covered with a rich and flavorful shrimp, crab, cheese and spinach topping. Served with two Great Additions.

Saturday Dinner Special


Smothered Chicken*

Tender, grilled chicken breast, smothered in the most delicious toppings we could think of: sautéed mushrooms, caramelized onions and melted mozzarella and cheddar cheese.

Sunday Dinner Special


Oven Roasted Turkey

It's a year-round Thanksgiving celebration – we even include the stuffing and cranberries!