Kings Restaurant

It's pretty neat having my own kid's club and website. We are gonna have a blast together!

I guess your first question is, "How do I enroll in the club?"

If you were a member of the King's Birthday Club, your parents were sent a letter that contained a new Frownie Kid's Club Card. You'll need that card and your parents to enroll in my club. Got'em? Then click SIGN UP NOW.

If your parents did not get a letter and card in the mail, then stop by any Kings. There, you can get your card and enroll.

Since this is a new club, your parents may have some questions. Here are some FAQ's I wrote down.

Now, that all the official stuff is out of the way, let's concentrate on the fun!

As a member of the Frownie Kid's Club, you'll get Free Stuff right off the bat! Every month, I'll automatically load your club card with something free. I'll send you an email every month telling you what your FREE item is, plus plenty of contests, offers and where you can come meet me!

Wondering where I am this month? Click Calendar! I want to meet every kid in my club in person!