Kings Restaurant

Dear Parent:

I've designed the Frownie Kid's Club to be fun for the kids, but I'm sure you have some questions, so I've done my best to answer some of the frequently asked questions below:

Q. Can my child stay in the current Kings Birthday Club?

A. Unfortunately, no – the Frownie Kid's Club will replace the Kings Birthday Club.

Q. My child is already in the Kings Birthday Club, will he/she automatically be signed up for the new Frownie Kid's Club?

A. No. Parents or legal guardians will need to sign their child/children up for the Frownie Kid's Club.

Q. How does my child join the new Frownie Kid's Club?

A. Parents or legal guardians are responsible for enrolling their child/children in the Frownie Kid's Club. If you did not receive a Frownie Kid's Club card in the mail, you may obtain one for your child at any King's. Once you have your card you can log on to and click the Kids Zone icon. You'll be taken to the Frownie Kid's Zone website, click the Kid's Club icon then choose "Sign Up Now" to access the enrollment page. Once you've completed the enrollment, your child's Frownie Kid's Club card will be activated. You may also choose to complete an In-store enrollment form (located at King's) and we would be happy to complete the enrollment for you. Please allow 24-48 hours to process and activate your child's card.

Q. How do I sign up a child that is not in the Birthday Club?

A. On your next visit to Kings, fill out the form on the kid's placemat or ask for a Frownie Kid's Club registration form. Hand it to your server and he/she will give you a Frownie Kid's Club card. The card will take 24-48 hours to process and activate. You may also choose to simply take the card home and complete the online enrollment described above (this activates the card automatically).

Q. Who can sign up for the Frownie Kid's Club?

A. Children ages 12 and under are eligible to be members of the club, but a parent or guardian is responsible for enrolling the child. A parent's or legal guardian's written signature is required on the in-store registration form (parent's email address is required during enrollment and will be considered parental permission to join the Frownie Kid's Club).

Q. What is the difference between the old Kings Birthday Club and the new Frownie Kid's Club?

A. The Kings Birthday Club offered a free kid's meal during their birthday month; members in the new Frownie Kid's Club will be offered free things all year long! I will send emails every month detailing the current free offer and the latest contests or prizes. Once enrolled in the new Frownie Kid's Club, the child will automatically be entered to win a Frownie Kid's Birthday Party...they can invite 10 of their kid friends to the party! Plus, once the child is enrolled, the activated card will be automatically loaded with a FREE Flatbread Pizza to be redeemed the next time they visit Kings.

Q. How will my child know what is being offered?

A. Once enrolled by a parent or legal guardian, the child will receive monthly emails letting them know what is currently being offered along with all the fun things that Frownie is up to. I encourage kids to go to the Frownie Kid Zone website for the latest offers, not to mention that there are a bunch of cool things to do there.

Q. Does my child need their membership card to receive the free offers or giveaways?

A. Yes, we will swipe the card each time it is presented at King's. The child will be able to redeem the offer & will be notified if there are any offers remaining on their card.

Q. If I have more than one child in my family can I put them all on one card and application?

A. Unfortunately each child will need their own card to receive the monthly promotions. You will need to fill out a separate application for each child. If you enroll your child in our program from home you'll be asked to create a user name. Each user name is unique to that card and person. We would suggest you use the child's initials to differentiate the user names for each card.